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I thank the following colleagues who commented on this document or provided references for inclusion; Brian Allanson, Guy Bate, George Begg, Iain Bickerton, Harry Biggs, Charles Breen, Charles Chapman, Andrew Cooper, Paul Cowley, Digby Cyrus, Arthur Dye, Winks Emmerson, Ticky Forbes, Nick Hanekom, Duncan Hay, Trevor Harrison, Allan Heydorn, Piet Huizinga, Pat Morant, Angus Paterson, Emile Plumstead, Nevil Quinn, Alan Ramm, Koos Reddering, Peter Reid, Jill Slinger, Ricky Taylor and Tris Wooldridge. The assistance of Paul Vorwerk and Vladimir Smaktin in placing this report on the web is gratefully acknowledged. I would also like to thank Dr Steve Mitchell of the Water Research Commission and Jenny Mander of the Institute of Natural Resources for facilitating and administering financial arrangements for the web version of this document.

Note: This web version of the bibliographic database will be updated on an annual basis. Scientists and managers are encouraged to submit references to be included in the database to A.Whitfield@ru.ac.za, as this will improve its usefulness to everyone.